Our Story

Unable to find a tile range that would facilitate many projects in Australia for her interior architectural firm GABBE, Georgia Ezra, director and creator of ‘Tiles of Ezra’, decided to take matters into her own hands. As an interior architect whose signature style includes exotic cultural references, it was imperative to find an authentic, high-quality product.

Her search for unique, ethnic tiling, turned into a creative collaboration with her sister, NYC based designer Micaela Ezra, and the foundation for ‘Tiles of Ezra’ was born. Treasure hunters and market-mavens at heart, they searched the globe for inspiration and resources, creating partnerships and relationships with teams from Morocco, Vietnam and Mexico who specialise in producing authentic sustainable and handmade tile products.

Merging Georgia’s experience in contemporary design and instinct for trend, with the groups’s traditional handicraft abilities, proved a magical combination. The highly-skilled team of makers embarked on manufacturing a collection of unique modern designs in addition to many ethnic classics

‘Tiles of Ezra’ is proud to share these designs with you.


We have brought these tiles to Australia in order to expand the platform of this style of interior fabrication; we hope that you too will reap the enjoyment of such vivacious, exotic creations within your own space

I welcome you all to watch the video below where I featured on Channel Ten’s ‘The home Team’ 2017. See how I have integrated our tiles into my own interior.. I am so excited to share my home with you!


The skilled artisans honing their craft.

Much of the process, from preparing the clay, to painting the final design, is all performed by hand.