FL005 zellige mosaic

Individual tiles are 40mm X 140mm X 20mm, Supplied loose

Our Zellige Mosaic tiles are all handmade in Morocco. Using traditional and ancient techniques, we bring custom and specialty tiles to your space to create living works of art. Use these colourful hand painted and handmade Moroccan tiles for decorative accents on counters, bathrooms, vanities, window surrounds, fireplaces and more.

Our Moroccan tiles are available in a selection of hand painted patterns creating dramatic designs for your interior.

Be inspired and experience the delicate charm of these hand painted treasures.

Our designs are fully customisable and each pattern is available in our full range of Zellige colours. 

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Samples are a 10cm x 10cm square tile, and are used to illustrate colour tone only. They are not actual strips of Mosaic tiles. Samples can be ordered below in two pack sizes: Small (1-3 tiles in your selected colours), or Large (4-5 tiles in your selected colours).




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