Our Top Tips on How to Create a Timeless Kitchen using Handmade Tiles

TILES OF EZRA Studio Ezra FL006 Aqua Moroccan Bejmat kitchen splashback .jpg

Zellige tiles are the perfect way to add oomph to your kitchen. When designing a kitchen that is slightly more adventurous than the standard all-white, it is important to ensure that the space remains timeless - you don't want a kitchen that you'll get sick of in 6 months time.

Tiles of ezra FL006 Light Grey zellige tile .JPG

Use handmade tiles to incorporate colour into a kitchen. They bring far more depth and dimension to a space than normal paint or mass-produced surfaces. If you are afraid of too much colour, go for a soft grey, white or nude colour. These will bring just as much charm without being too overbearing.

Tiles of Ezra FL006 Light Grey  (left) is our quintessential toned-down tile. Just the right amount of colour and vibrance!

You may be asking how does such a beautiful tile fare in the kitchen? What about Bolognese splatter and other messy situations? Well, the truth is zellige are the perfect kitchen tile. Glazed zellige tiles wipe clean and are resistant to virtually everything. What's more is that the colour will not fade (we can only speak for Tiles of Ezra quality!) They do not need to be sealed and if for example, you do get food splatter on your zellige splashback, you can wipe it clean with a cloth. Tiles of Ezra zellige tiles require no maintenance, the same exact tiles have lasted for centuries in Morocco, in outdoor courtyards, swimming pools etc. They are durable and hard-wearing and will outlast even you and I!

Another cool idea is to tile the facade of your island bench instead of going for the tried and tested marble/quartz route. This will certainly add intrigue to the space while keeping it classy and elegant. 


How would you bring that wow factor with handmade tiles? We would love to hear!