Bejmat Orientation - How to Lay your Tiles

Perhaps one of the most recognisable images of our zellige bejmat tiles has been the iconic Richmond residential project by Studio Ezra which featured our FL006 aqua in herringbone pattern as a kitchen splashback. We are often inundated with enquiries about our “herringbone Moroccan tiles” however, did you know that the bejmat (rectangular bricks) are in fact brought in loose. This means you have complete freedom to be creative and lay them however you wish.

Studio Ezra design_TILESOFEZRA FL006 Aqua Moroccan Bejmat splashback B.jpg

So if you’re a herringbone fan, then by all means herringbone away. However for those of you that are after a more modern touch, these bricks look absolutely INCREDIBLE when laid vertically, like soldiers or even horizontally like a normal subway tile. Because of the slight variation and imperfections and ever-so-slight varying thicknesses, a lot of movement and texture is created. This is literally the perfect fit for anyone wanting a really modern and sleek home without losing warmth and character.


SHOP  Tiles of Ezra FL005 natural unglazed

SHOP Tiles of Ezra FL005 natural unglazed


Another idea, for those of you who dare to be bold, is to mix two different FL006 colours together and create a gorgeous pattern. Check out the pic below for some inspo. It's all about what works the best in the space at hand. It's also important to keep in mind that bejmat tiles are thicker than our normal zellige mosaics and 10x10cm square tiles. Whilst the other zellige tiles have a thickness os about 10mm, the bejmat bricks are about 18mm thick.

FL005 and Igloo herringbone Tilesofezra.jpg

The world is literally your oyster. So don’t be scared to think out the box and stray away from the more traditional formats.  Moroccan tiles are not only suited to Moroccan interiors..