EZRTRVT3030 Grey Travertine


Tile size: 305 X 305 X 10MM 

Supplied Loose.

Tile material: Travertine 

Honouring the earth we come from, we are now offering the opportunity to walk barefoot on the wonders that nature has to give with our Dunya stone range. Hand selected stone from the quarries of Turkey, our limestone, marble, travertine and natural stone is the highest of quality and comes in varying size layout options and are suitable for so many areas. Flooring, feature walling, pool internals.. reconnect with the earth.. and walk barefoot .... 

Achieving the highest of quality we are proud to be supplying these magnificent tile pavers, Incorporating both history and nature into your space

Our Dunya stone range is a natural product and the actual tile received may vary in tone from the sample shown online. Quality of natural stone, will mean longevity of the product, and ability for great versatility. 

Marble can be used internally, externally walls floors wet areas, pool internals. They are a magnificent product suitable for most needs. 

Be inspired and experience the delicate charm of these treasures from our earth.

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