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Tile Grout

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As a tile business that deeply cares about the environment, our end users and the individuals installing our products we have chosen to align ourselves with a brand that has the same values.

Our Recommended grout is ideal when decorating any surface in mosaic and natural stone. Fugabella Colour achieves performance characteristics such as water-repellence, very low water absorption, high surface hardness. high resistance to to the most common acidic substances and total colour uniformity. 

Kerakoll is a brand that focuses on the environment. Their products provide eco-friendly, naturally breathable alternatives that are the strongest performers in its categories.

WHY you would buy Fugabella Colour by Kerakoll from Tilesofezra; 

- Has no Carcinogenic material 

- No pesticides, naturally antibacterial

- allows for joints from 0-20mm

- 50 amazing colours 

- Suitable for underfloor heating systems and swimming pools 

- Eliminates the risk of salt and lime efflorescence formation

- Full and smooth joint

- High colour uniformity 

- Easy to clean and maintain

- Suitable for all tiles, low thickness slabs and natural stone. 

Technically advanced with some of the most innovative products on the market from nanotechnology in waterproofing, gel based tile adhesives, single component mixtures, geo-binder technology in concrete restoration and zero efflorescences in our grouts. We offer all this with competitive pricing and great service.

 Why is Kerakoll GREEN;  

Recovery and recycling of natural minerals used in our materials; 

Reduction of C02 emissions into the air in our manufacturing processes; Development of plant extracts and natural binders rather than petro-chemicals;

Reduced reliance on substances which are hazardous to human health and the environment leading to low VOC materials;

Improvement of energy efficiency;

Recyclability at the end of life. 

(Accessories not included) 

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