Grout width – The Perfect Way to Space your Zellige Tile

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Almost every day one of our clients approaches us with the question “how much space should they leave in between each tile?” In other words, what should the grout width be.

The zellige tile is so beautiful in all its glory, that it is essential that the tile itself remains the feature of the space. It is imperative that the eye is drawn to the beauty of the tile, all the imperfections, variations etc and NOT the grout. This is why the grout width should be kept to a minimum, no matter what direction or format you are laying the tiles in or where the tiles are going. Another question we often get is "do we have to grout them at all?" Whilst some believe Moroccan tiles can be dry laid without grout, we always insist that our clients grout their zellige tiles.


It is Imperative that the eye is drawn to the beauty of the tiles, all the imperfections, the variations and not the grout.

Spacing Your Zellige Tile

  We always recommend that the grout width be no more than 1mm thick. Position the tiles by hand without using tile spacers, looking for harmony and cohesiveness of the entire area being tiles .Of course this is all up to personal preference, but as the zellige experts, we believe keeping grout to a minimum is a recipe for success.

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