Our Philosophy

Our mission is to empower and add value to your home, by providing handmade and unique pieces with an inspiring story to tell. We stand for fair trade, handmade, beautiful, sustainable living product. Made to a limited run philosophy - from natural and raw materials and processes. 

Our collective goal is:

To support the time honoured skills of ancient artisans.

To provide sustainable, luxury household items.

To honour natural and raw textiles, textures and materials.

To support the work force in developing countries, and provide jobs to those that need them.

To educate the world on how to achieve a healthy and experiential home through form, space, light and handmade artisan product.

To encourage an end to waste, by offering boutique, forever-kept and lasting, bespoke finishes and items...

Our Values

For us, ethical practice is being treated with respect. We care immensely about each and every individual who makes part of our manufacturing process, and it's important for us to understand where they come from, their names, and their families.

We care about their craft, which has been handed down for centuries, and we believe we are sustaining these ancient art forms, We love the authenticity of natural handmade tiles, the raw in-accuracy and that each tile has been formed, painted, cut and packed by hand. A hand that has his/her own story, an energy that gets captured in the product and expelled when it reaches your home.

Don't just take our word for it, meet our artisans and hear it from them here.