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Once in a blue moon we come across an interior that honestly and truthfully makes our heart skip a beat.⁠ An interior so inspired, unique, and carefully thought out that it makes the hairs on our skin stand up.⁠

Tallebudgera House is this once in a blue moon type of home. We are so happy to be featuring and sharing with you the groovy work of Michael and Carlene Duffy of Cedar + Suede Home. We are even more chuffed that the duo decided to include our handmade zellige tiles in their showstopper of a kitchen. Check out the home and interview below.


A decade of hard work and planning

A project that sits close to home (literally! ) Michael and Carlene have invested years of planning and careful consideration into their Tallebudgera home. This is evident in the immaculate attention to detail that flows through the home - from the carefully curated finishes to the various styling elements, forms and the consideration of natural light. 


The home is truly a melting pot of colour, texture and style. 

Tell us a few sentences about the project

Our home renovation had been a long time coming but we chipped away at it in stages. We wanted the kitchen to be a showstopper and something we'd be really proud of. I would say the end result is an honest depiction of Michael's and my wants and needs even when we had different non-negotiables. The style of the kitchen is a little bit of everything, as is the rest of our house. It's hard to define which is what I love about it.

We love the arches and curves that are echoed all around the home. Each room has its own story, colour palette and mood; a series of different characters that create a vibrant story in their totality.

What do you love most about your tiles from Tilesofezra? Why did you choose us?

I'd seen these beautiful handcrafted tiles and knew I would never be able to settle for anything else after I saw them. The texture and interest they create in the space is perfectly fitting to the overall look and feel of our home. The subtle variation in colour and cut between each tile creates the most beautiful effect on the wall. I'll never tire of looking at it.


One word to describe your zellige tiles? 



 Michael and Carlene have used our EZR1010 in snow.

All in the deets

This kitchen is a work of heart. The Tilesofezra team tried to nail down exactly what it is we love about the kitchen but simply put, we love it all! The curved bench seat which forms part of the island bench, the very-American pot filler, gorgeous green joinery, Persian rug and the myriad of textures jam packed into the space with the perfect amount of refinement. It's mesmerizing.


Owners and Interior Design - Cedar and Suede Home

Stylist - Carlene Duffy of Cedar and Suede

Photographer - Mindi Cooke

Website -


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