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As a business, we are faced with hundreds of new faces of new and prospective clients weekly. A lot of the time, no matter how pleasant and seamless the interaction is, this meeting remains a commercial transaction where we part ways with our (happy) clients and hope that their journeys in creating the home of their dreams are successful.

Sometimes, however, you work with a special client, and out of a business relationship, a friendship forms. When Lauren Scruggs Kennedy reached out to us over a year ago to enquire about our handmade tiles and the feasibility of including them in her non-toxic, healthy home, we knew something amazing was in the pipeline.

Our ethos has always been to promote sustainability and to connect our clients with the earth. Even through mobile phones, computer screens and thousands of miles across the globe, sometimes you feel the energy of certain people and just "click." This is the best way to describe what happened when we began speaking to Lauren.

In what can only be described as a serendipitous meeting, our hand-cut, zellige clay tiles were exactly what Lauren was looking for. No toxins. No fumes. 100% handmade earthiness using techniques that date back to the 14th century. It was a match made in heaven!

We spoke with Lauren to find out a little more about her refreshing home reno.

Tell us a little more about the project?

"We wanted to renovate the home we bought to make it as non-toxic as possible. We also wanted to create it into our sanctuary, being a place that represented tranquility and peace. "

Looking specifically for a tile for her powder room feature wall, and being a minimalist at heart, Lauren was initially fearful that our EZR1445 clay bejmat tile would bring in too much texture to the space. 

Cue a lot of DMing back and forth and a leap of faith by Lauren and voila, we bring you the powder rooms of dreams. 

Love the look?

Explore our EZR1445 in clay here.

How did Lauren lay these tiles?

Lauren opted to lay these bejmat tiles vertically, back side to front, creating a simple wall that exudes tasteful drama and amazing energy.


Here's how the tiles look front side up. Which is your style?

Together with Kirsten Grove of We Three Design, Lauren has created a serene, experiential and calming space brimming with natural light, beautiful texture, and non toxic products. 

How would you describe your Tilesofezra tiles in one word? 

"Handcrafted. "

Thank you Lauren and Jason Kennedy for choosing to include us on your non toxic journey.

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