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A Studio Ezra masterpiece

You’ll have to pardon our French but HOLY BLEEP. An electric blue floor, ceiling and everything in between. Gold mosaic tiles. Scalloped archways. A bathroom like no other. If you’re as intrigued by this bathroom’s story as we are, you’ll want to pull up a chair and carry on reading...


Georgia, tell us about the inspiration behind the design?

Our client came to us with an image of a white, gold and vibrant blue mosaic and said “this is our inspiration, we want something incredibly bold, intense and experiential. We want this bathroom to make a statement and to be something that’s exclusive to us .” I drew inspiration from India, Paris and Morocco.. I wanted the space to hit visually and experientially as you saw it and as you felt it. First and foremost, the space had to work and be functional for the client, so that was the most exciting part... designing a room that pushed the boundaries and limits to a traditional bathroom. This meant looking at placements of the sinks and mirrors and how they formed the room instead of the room forming them.
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Is it daunting creating spaces that aren't the stereotypical, monochrome bathroom?

It is the most enjoyable, pleasurable, and passion driven job. This was an absolute dream project for me. I love that it is so unique that most others would not want it in their home - but most will appreciate and value the boldness and anti-trend, exclusive nature of the space.  
Georgia experimented with our moroccan zellige basics too, creating texture and emphasizing form using only our zellige squares.
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