The Science of Choosing Tiles

How do you choose the tile you will love forever?

Are you sitting down for this? We're about to drop a bomb on you and tell you the exact formula for choosing the right tile for your build. Get your pens and paper ready and take note: the science behind choosing tiles is, well... that there is no science. 

Design is personal and there is no such thing as wrong or right, it is for this
very reason that we feel extremely passionate about the idea of embracing
one's own, unique aesthetic. However, there are certainly a few simple steps to follow to ensure that your tile choice is the most correct for you.



Featured above: Clay Bejmat, 5x5 Snow
Interior Design by Studio Ezra

Hot tip #1: Do YOU

When it comes to choosing tiles for your home, a timeless choice is one that speaks to your soul and is not the by-product of a trend. You have to listen to and trust yourself; think about the way you would like to feel every morning when you enter the room that houses the tiles. If you make your decision based on this exact feeling you desire, rather than matching a specific look you have seen every influencer, person and their cousin, brother and dog doing, you will be choosing a tile that you will connect to for a far longer time.

Time and time again, we have seen many clients feel incredibly overwhelmed and paralyzed in making these types of decisions. All too often they end up choosing a large format, grey, cost-effective (and quite frankly, meh tile) and then accent their small splashbacks with a feature tile. While temporarily these seem to create lovely, clean bathrooms, we often find that these clients specifically make these choices because they are too scared to go with the choice that makes their heart sing, the risky option. If we had a dollar for every time we heard a client say "it's safe and does the job" we would be pretty darn rich! However, these words and
sentiments don’t make us believe that the tiles chosen will be loved forever. You can bet your bottom dollar that in two years time, the same clients will be back looking at the tile they considered for years before regretfully choosing the safe option.

Hot Tip #2: Be practical

In addition to this, it's really about understanding who you are as an individual
and what is important to your own needs. Choosing tiles can make all the
difference, but it’s important to remember that the tile choice needs to be a
practical one too. For example, if grout lines bother you, then choosing a
small mosaic with many grout lines will ultimately cause frustration. It’s really
about being able to marry your practical needs with your aesthetic dreams. If
you can do this, you will truly be successful in creating a timeless tile choice
for you and your space.

In terms of flooring, whilst practicality should always influence your design decisions, these flooring choices are extremely personal. What may be a practical choice to one person may not be to another. Whilst one person may embrace the look of a patina and aging finish, another may be really bothered by that and only want a tile that looks brand new for as long as possible. 

Hot Tip #3: Traffic doesn't have to mean tragic

Kitchen spaces are high traffic areas, with food, oil and more waste that can
end up on the floor. When choosing tiles for a high traffic area, look out
for the porosity of the tile, meaning how porous is the tile and can a sealant
(penetrating or topical) prevent the tile from soaking up stains. Can the tile be
sealed to prevent stains, and if so can the tile be professionally cleaned in a
way that brings it back to its original state?

In terms of durability, you’ll find that porcelain and ceramic tiles are a common choice, as they’re thinner which is sometimes easier to lay and can be considered more practical as they don’t need any sealing. But, do they offer the same warmth, texture, energy and passion as handmade tiles? No. Something like a Zellige mosaic tile is another durable option, and one that also offers a unique warmth and texture. Cement tiles will require the most upkeep, as they’re more porous and need regular sealing – but still very durable.

Also important to the decision making is the colour, texture, and pattern of the
tile. Are you choosing a tile that camouflages marks and food stains or one
that shows every single drop? We love using soft, beautiful patterns that
create intrigue, warmth, and great character whilst also acting as a floor that is

Interior Design: Studio Ezra

Hot Tip #4: The art of illusion

Small space, no problem! The trick is to make sure you opt for tiles that make the space feel bigger and brighter.

If you are struggling with a really small bathroom, why not use large floor and wall tiles to make the room feel larger. Fewer grout lines and less visual noise will make the space feel significantly larger. If you have a small bathroom, you can really take tiling strategy in two directions; opt for large format tiles to make the bathroom look bigger or go with really small penny roll tiles for some intricate detailing. There isn't any particular shape that’s ‘best’ for a small bathroom, but wrapping the floor tile right to the ceiling is an absolute must if you’re trying to make the space feel bigger.

Tile layout is also another handy tool in our book of tricks. To accentuate high ceilings, lay rectangular shaped tiles vertically for that WOW factor. This will really emphasize the ceiling height and draw the eye up.


Hot Tip #5: Color Psychology

Not to be overlooked in tile selection is tile color. Whilst color preference is an incredibly personal decision, there is undoubtedly a general rule of thumb that can be employed. Lighter colors will make a small room feel larger; dark colors add mood and sultriness to the space. Be careful not to overlook what you are you trying to achieve in the room.

If the room is small, we would recommend using something similar to our EZR1010 in Dust. This will give the illusion of a larger space and will also keep the space feeling crisp and light. The handmade nature and tonal imperfections wall also bring character and warmth to the room, something that normal white tiles often lack.

If you are still unsure about which of our tiles to choose from, we are always available to assist and guide you based on the facts that are personal and relevant to you. Don't be afraid to holla at us with any questions!


Hi Carina

Thank you for your comment :) Our zellige tiles are baked in kilns that reach hundreds of degrees, so they are perfectly suited to last in hot areas such as fireplaces, with under floor heating etc.

I hope this helps!

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to send us mail/give us a call and we can advise you.

Tiles of Ezra July 06, 2020

What a great article, I love your pics too!!!
Thanks for sharing!!
I love using your tiles, they are beautiful!

Susan FRy June 28, 2020

Hi there, great article thanks. Just wondering how your small mosaic tiles go with underfloor heating? I love the “hall runner” idea, but want to heat it.

Carina Chambers June 28, 2020

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