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Which hue is right for you?

Are you stumped when it comes to deciding on a tile colour for your home? There are so many colour options and styles available today that making the choice can be quite overwhelming.  Well look no further than this blog post, we have the perfect guide to help you choose the right colour tiles for your home! Ultimately, we cannot tell you which colour to choose, but we can most certainly point you in the right direction..



It is certainly not ideal to have a small and dark bathroom. But fear not, as this is not the end of the world. There are so many things you can do to brighten the space and give the illusion of a fresh and airy space. The first must-do is to keep the room light. This will give the illusion of a larger space; darker finishes will only make the space feel more dingy than it already is. Opt for a Tiles of Ezra ZEL001B in igloo or white to keep the space feeling crisp. These are suitable for both wall and floor applications and can really 

Be sure to add a large mirror which will reflect the natural light in the room. 

 Interior Design - Elle Critchley Design Tiles - ZEL001B Igloo


ABSOLUTELY. YES YES YES. At first glance you might be thinking WTF. How can such a rustic tile work in a modern, sleek space? But in fact, it is the perfect pairing. Incorporating Terracotta is a great way of bring earthiness and texture layering into the space, where a lot of warmth and character might have been lost during the pursuit of achieving an ultra-mod aesthetic. People in these instances tend to keep the colour palette relatively basic, howevera a mix of terracotta, cement, glass, timber etc will look architectural and amazingly modern, without being too left of field with colour. Give it a go! You'll thank us.

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