Q: What do I need to know? 

A: There is nothing worse than under ordering! It's a total nightmare! So we recommend before placing any orders with us, you ensure your quantities are measured by a professional or double checked. Get your contractor to do it if you're unsure! And always remember to add 10-15% wastage additional to the quantities.  It's standard practice and give you peace of mind should anything go wrong. 


Q: How do I order tiles? 

A: We don't allow for direct orders online, because we want to help you through this process and come up with the best options specific for your space! But ordering is really simple, and we've got multiple options! (Who doesn't love options, right?)

Option 1: Place an order directly from each product page. Like our EZR1550 range? Just fill in all the details and a member of our team will get in touch to talk to you through the process. Option 2: Submit your details via our Contact Us page. All the fields are there, just fill them in and hit submit! Option 3: Make an appointment to come see our showroom and we'll show you our amazing collection and talk you through the whole process in person!

And don't forget we are only too happy to customise orders. If you love one of our designs, but don't see the colour you love, get in touch! Bespoke and authentic tiles are our passion, and we want to find you the perfect tile for your space.