The entire process of our skilled artisans honing their craft, from preparing the clay, to painting the final design, is all performed by hand. 
"We have always tried to articulate to our clients that when you are buying tilesofezra, you are not just buying a product. You are buying a handmade piece of work, which has passed through the hands of another person. An artisan who has a name, a family and a story of his/her own."
It's about walking into a space, and feeling experiential design that in some way moves you. A floor that when walked on barefoot connects you to earth.. A feature wall that makes your heart move. ...... 


Tiles of Ezra promotes the sustainability of craftsmanship. We thrive on the traceability behind our product, that we know the men whose hands have made our tiles. Continue their story in your home with our range of tiles.
I think that the beauty of our tiles are really in the imperfections and the unique nature of them all.. knowing that when you buy a tilesofezra mosaic you are owning one of its kind, .. but the exclusivity of your product goes so much further than just this. It's about having the knowledge and comfort that our factories are not sweatshops..that every order placed provides the sustainability of a craft in Morocco, knowing that the clay and the tiles themselves are produced by the very hands of our artisans....