Ordering samples or tiles online can feel daunting and be a confusing process.
Listed below are some of our most frequently asked questions so that the process is easy and simple for you! 
Q: How do I order samples? 
Ordering samples is easy! We know ordering something on screen can often be a frustrating process! And sometimes you just want to see things in your own home on your own time. We get it! That's why we are more than happy to offer free colour samples for our incredible handmade tiles. All you have to do is pay the postage! And, when you do make an order with us, we'll even credit you back the postage costs. Deal?  To order, head to our samples store. 

Q: Can I order a sample Zellige sheet?
No, sorry!  We only send out  10 X 10cm colour brick samples of the Zellige mosaic. Our Zellige mosaic sheets are fragile, very delicate and extremely precious to us, and so they are kept with care in our showroom. But, if you want to see them in person (and fall in love!) we'd love to have you visit our showroom where you can view our entire range of tiles and mosaics and meet our passionate team! So, what are you waiting for?  Make an appointment to visit our showroom now! 

Q: Can I order a sample of the cement tiles?
We'd love to be able to share samples of our cement tiles with you, but our cement tiles are very fragile, and can be easily damaged during the postage / freight process. We like to keep them safely in our showroom, but please make an appointment to come see them in person! Or feel free to admire our full range of cement tiles in our product gallery. 
Q: How many samples can I order?
We have a limit of 5 samples per customer.
Our samples are available in three different sized packs: Individual bricks, or our small sample (2-3 colour samples), or large sample (4-5 colour samples) packs. 

Q: Are my samples really free?
Yes! Who doesn't love a gorgeous freebie? We only charge for freight, and if you do place an order with us, we'll gladly credit your postage cost on your tile order! (See? We've got your back!)
Q: Is it possible to have a custom made sample?
Yes, we happily create and make custom Zellige mosaic samples, handmade by our artisans for you!
Please get in touch with our team for further details and pricing on our custom made samples. Or, you can send enquiries directly from the page of your favourite product! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 
Q: Are the samples on the website exactly what I will get?
Samples are solely indications of your tiles, because these are made by hand ( literally) and each batch is slightly different from the next, tones of colours and identical appearances may alter tile from tile. Samples may vary from the actual product (but we'll try to get things as close as possible!).