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Morocco has a vast pool of zellige factories... so how do you know you are getting quality?

We have spent years smoothing out our operation in Morocco and can confidently and proudly say we believe we produce the best quality zellige in Morocco. Read below for some reasons why! 

Because we care about our clients and our products, we don’t cut any corners and go the extra mile by packing professionally. We ship all over the world and can provide full containers, consolidated sea freight, air freight and ground shipping for Europe. We are happy to assist you in finding the best way to bring your products to the country


There are a variety of qualities of clay in the Moroccan market place...a really low cost zellige may indicate that the clay quality and baking methods are very poor. This is hugely important to avoid.

- Tilesofezra use the best quality clay, After filtering the clay we spend great amount of time and effort in flattening the clay by hand.. this process is extremely crucial to the quality of the tile as the clay must be so compact to avoid air bubbles! 



There are many methods of applying paint colour to the tile surface.

- Our team apply the colours all by hand, which is a more expensive process yet this is to ensure  that the paint coating is thick and resistant.  Not all zellige quality is so high, today in Morocco lots of factories use paint guns to apply the colours a cheaper form of applying the colour however creating a thin coverage of glaze and a poorer quality finish of tile that will not wear as long. 


All of our tiles are cut by hand, this means each artisans skillset are different from the next.. talent, training and hourly rates of the artisans all lead to the final quality of the tile





- The master craftsmen that we use to hand cut the mosaic patterns are highly skilled and well paid. We pay our men and women extremely well to ensure that they treat us well too! We always produce the top quality result because the team are proud of what they do, love their job and know they are part of our family! 

There are many qualities of epoxy glue;

- When it comes to our preassembled sheets we use a a three component ISO certified glue. It takes 24 hours for the glue to dry. The thickness of our zellige sheets is approximately 1.3 cm due to the unevenness of the overall sheet and the epoxy at the back.