When you receive your Zellige Mosaics and Zellige Borders, they will arrive as pre-assembled sheets. These sheets are held together at the back by an epoxy resin for easy and quick installation. When you receive your gorgeous mosaic please do not be alarmed, these do not come pre-grouted which means sometimes they don't look as pretty as they did when you saw them in our showroom. 
Why don't they come pre-grouted...? Well, because we have different grout products and colours to our friends in Morocco. When installed they may appear as the sheets with differing grout colours in between the sheets, instead of one beautiful wall of mosaics, which they are meant to be! 
We kindly ask you to look at the images below which show the fronts sides and backs of the zellige sheets and how they fit together ( just like a puzzle piece!). Your tiler can cut the tiles to fit the area perfectly, our mosaics slice like butter with a water jet blade! Grout to finish and voilà! You have the most beautiful exclusive and bespoke feature wall of art! 
Make a coffee, pour a glass of vino or be authentic and make your self a mint tea; sit and admire.