EZCM2020 Crepe


Each tile is hand poured and pressed and dries slightly different from the next, with variation in depth or bleed at the edges of the tile. The inconsistency adds to the overall beauty of the tile when laid, adding uniqueness and character to any design. Our cement tiles come in a range of colours that reflect the calm beauty of nature, from icy mints to pale creams. Their soft elegance creates a feeling of serenity within any space, we just adore how much delight and joy they create! These tiles can be used in a number of areas from bathrooms to splashbacks; inquire with our team about the suitability for your project today.

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Tile Details

Individual tiles are 200mm x 200mm x 16mm / 7.9'' x 7.9''

Each tile is supplied loose. 

Sample Details

Samples are a 100mm x 100mm square tile, and are used to illustrate colour tone only.

 *Please note: minor variations in colour, shade and surface texture are natural characteristics of all our hand made cement tiles and should be expected. Images shown are representative, but may not indicate all variations in these characteristics.

Read the Cement encaustic terms & conditions


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