EZR1525 Skinny Snow Bejmat


EZR1525 Skinny Snow Bejmat 

Authentic handmade Zellige tiles crafted in Morocco by talented artisans that we have formed close and meaningful connections with. Our Zellige is created using traditional techniques passed down through generations, stretching all the way back to the 13th century. Made of the finest quality, with a story behind each and every tile, these living works of art create impact and intrigue within any space. Our Moroccan Zellige is incredibly versatile, our clients have used these in bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks, fireplaces, window surrounds, vanities, pools and more. Inquire with our team about the suitability for your project today.

Let your creativity run wild and embrace your authentic self today.

Enquire about samples of EZR1525 Skinny Snow Bejmat Zellige here

Tiles Details

Individual tiles are 150mm x 25mm x 20mm/ 6'' x 1''

Tiles are supplied loose.

Minimum order of 3 square metres.

Sample Details

Samples are a 100mm x 100mm square tile, and are used to illustrate colour tone only.

Terms and Conditions  

Read the Zellige Terms and Conditions
Read the fine print on Zellige features


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