Design Down Under | Park Orchards House Episode Two S2

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Retro 80s Home Turned Timeless

Catch up on Episode 2 of Georgia Ezra and Richie Morris' TV show, Design Down Under! Available now in the US to watch on Magnolia Network on TV, or stream on Max & Discovery plus. 

In this second episode, Georgia and Richie revamp a time capsule house for clients who need a major modern makeover. They incorporate timeless touches while still maintaining needed functionality.

Step onto a Cloud

A cohesive bedroom atmosphere was created by covering the floors with a fluffy carpet in the same dusty pink tone as the walls. This simple addition, adding warmth and elegance to the space. 


Breezy Fresh. 

Enter the bathroom, where the walls are adorned with EZR2020 Dust Zellige tiles, offering a refreshing atmosphere for your daily showers and pampering routines.

Subtle Elegance

The kitchen was transformed into a warm, inviting space with floorboards, a jute rug, and a new functional kitchen. These elements come together to create an earthy, grounded ambiance, making it the perfect setting for countless family dinners and cherished memories.

Earthy Space.

Incorporating a mix of materials and textures, along with off-white walls, the living room creates a calming and relaxing environment perfect for unwinding. This harmonious blend offers a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Below, we see the light-filled second bathroom featuring Zellige tiles beautifully gracing the walls.

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Interior Architecture & Styling: Studio Ezra

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