How to incorporate colour in the kitchen

When one adds colour into the home and gets it right, it can look oh so right but when adds colour and gets it wrong - my gosh it looks very, very wrong!
For us, we've found the best way to incorporate colour is through the splashback. And no, we're not talking about PVC red splashbacks native to multi-res apartments. We're talking the handmade, textured, timeless zellige kind. If you're feeling uber chic, why not extend the tiles to an adjoining wall to make a real statement!

Richmond Residence
Interior Design - Studio Ezra
Tiles - Tiles of Ezra FL006 Avocado (Shop now)


If you think we're barking mad, just have a look at the kitchen of celebs Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi. They've successfully nailed how to introduce green tones into their home with a green splashback consisting of handmade tiles. It all comes together and is married beautifully with some green joinery whilst everything else is kept neutral.

In the meantime, here are some of our favourite colourful zellige kitchens..

Tiles featured above (from left to right)
1. FL006 Avocado (Shop now)
2. ZEL001B Moss (Shop Now)
3. ZEL001B Duck Egg Blue (Shop Now)

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