How to design the perfect Moroccan bathroom

Moroccan Tiles

The most obvious place to start is with Moroccan tiles - DUH. Featured in this picture above are Tiles of Ezra clay bejmat, the most beautiful and soulful tiles ever!

These handmade tiles are an excellent choice for all bathrooms; Moroccan and everything else in between. Z

Zellige tiles (pronounced zel-eej for all those who are wondering) have existed for centuries. Our wish for you is to see the labor of love that goes into making zellige tiles. The people behind the art of zellige are, in short, LEGENDS. It humbles us to be able to assist them as they offer you their art; their greatest passion in life. We are proud to help them in showcasing their work to the entire world. And as such, this global audience should know the work that lies behind it all.

Every step and process that goes into the making of zellige tiles is done by hand. From preparing the clay to chipping the shapes that make up intricate mosaic patterns, these guys sustain a skillset that was taught them by their fathers and that was taught to their fathers by there grandfathers etc.

They work day in and day out creating the most beautiful and exotic mosaics that we sell to you in Australia and around the world.. The precision, skill, accuracy and time needed to produce these zellige tiles is unprecedented. Seeing the guys in action is inspiring. It's a privilege to be considered "family" by them and in turn, to help them sustain their craft.

The energy that is passed from maker to tile to your homes is unparalleled and quite simply, breathtaking. These tiles are hardwearing and durable making them the quintessential choice for many bathrooms.

Devil in the details

Studio Ezra opted to pair these with aged brass tapware and a vintage washed linen shower curtain to create an earthy, homely, warm space whilst maintaining paired-back elegance and timelessness.

Don't go for dreary, clinical and stock standard. Think out of the box and don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone. Featured in this Moroccan bathroom by Studio Ezra, custom joinery routing and a handmade basin imported from Morocco make this space the "real deal."

For an authentic look, why not explore the option of using tadelakt to render in the bathroom?

Keep The Space Neutral And Liven It Up With Natural Timber And Brass Details

Poppin' pattern

Lastly, if you are looking for a space that screams Morocco, use a patterned and vibrant mosaic to transport you from the mundane to the Marrakesh. 

We are currently obsessing over this Moroccan beauty, our EZR0195

Elsternwick Residence by Studio Ezra

5x5cm white zellige tiles - Tiles of Ezra (SHOP HERE)

Clay bejmat zellige tiles - Tiles of Ezra (SHOP HERE)

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