My oasis: A look inside the enchanting home of Georgia Ezra, Tiles of Ezra founder and director

Arguably one of the most daunting projects I have ever undertaken was the renovation of my own home together with my hubby, Richie. We purchased a 1920's semi in mid June 2015 and lets just say that before we began work on the house, its condition was worse for wear. We undertook and managed the complete transformation of the existing dwelling into an exotic family abode.

For me, the most important thing was to create a space that transported my family from the streetscapes into our own escape. Unique and exclusive detailing, custom-designed joinery, cane and laser cut engraving and designs along with handmade European French doors are just some of the features in my home which helped me to execute my intention perfectly. 

To add to this, I decided to use the bones of the pre-existing space to bring it back to life – This meant reclaiming all of the art rails, timber skirting, door frames, doors and timber flooring from the original architecture of the home.

I love my home because it is a melting pot of culture; a curation of references from around the globe including India, Morocco, Bali, Vietnam and Australia.

The tiles from my passion-project, Tilesofezra (available at,) have been used heavily throughout – It is these earthy, handmade products that are hugely responsible for the overall experiential design I created. What I love most about Tilesofezra Zellige Moroccan mosaics is that they connect us back with the earth and provide a result which is far more special and grounding than that of a mass produced tile. The Tilesofezra products allow for the sustainability of Moroccan Zellige craft and artisan work, a tradition that has been around for centuries. By bringing these stunning pieces into my home, I have not just integrated beautiful tiles, I have created surfaces of art.

I am so proud of the sanctuary I have created and I am so happy I get to share it with all of you. I truly hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me!

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