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Profiled | Danielle Brustman x Rachel Perrin

Danielle Brustman Interior design featuring Tiles of Ezra
This week, we're featuring the ever-inspiring work of Danielle Brustman in collaboration with Rachel Perrin and BI Design Architecture.
The space, nestled in country Victoria, delivers an out of the box take on a country home. Anyone who is familiar with Danielle's work will know that her style is beautifully unconventional - we love her unique spin on the project that ultimately makes the space unforgettable.


G E T  T H E  L O O K


We're all starry-eyed at Tilesofezra HQ for this beyond groovy bathroom featuring our EZR0196 custom produced in colours clay and dust.

Tilesofezra zellige mosaic tile bathroomTilesofezra mosaic



Tilesofezra mosaic terracotta bathroom splashback tile

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: This is how you do adventurous yet cohesive bathrooms.

Tilesofezra Danielle Brustman Interior Design

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D A R K  &  M O O D Y  K I T C H E N S

A dark and moody feature wall brings an element of drama and intrigue to this moody kitchen. We love how Danielle and Rachel extended the tiles to the ceiling for that extra wow factor.

kitchen tile splashback tilesofezra

Love what they've done with the place? Recreate the look using the same tile.. the magnificent EZR1445DG. These lovely bejmat bricks come loose, meaning you can lay them in whichever direction and format you please!


Moroccan Tilesofezra bejmat


Interior Design Collaboration: Danielle Brustman, Rachel Perrin & BI Design Architecture.

Photography: Emma-Jane Johnston

Joinery: Matt Staples


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