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Style Report: Emily Berlach

We are thrilled to be profiling the chic coastal home of Emily Berlach. Co-owner and founder of Australian fashion boutique Bohemian Traders, Emily describes both her home and brand as "relaxed and effortless," just like her coastal lifestyle.

The earthy tones, textures and materials she uses to style her home reflect both this and the care-free energy she personally exudes.

Imperfect charm

No two zellige tiles will ever be the same. 100% Hand-moulded, hand-cut and hand-glazed, the beauty of the zellige tile is it's imperfect nature.

Our personal favorite is the unglazed bejmat brick, which Emily has used to create a showstopper floor. 

These terracotta clay bricks come loose, meaning that you can lay them in any format you wish - herringbone, vertically, horizontally and even back to front!

Front up, vertical lay

Bottoms up :)

Rustic and Raw, these are truly a timeless go-to for your home. 

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