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Glorious, bright and inspired by Mediterranean design, it's no wonder this project was named House of the Sun. 

In today's blog, we chat to Monica Grimshaw to talk us through her New Zealand beauty and her personal interior style. Cue serious interior inspo... 

Pssst: This moroccan tile and Moroccan rug combo (from Bohzali rugs) is heaven! 

Located in Rangitahi Peninsula, Raglan, New Zealand, the project is a new build by architectural designer Tane from Red Architects and featuring interior design by myself. 

Tell us a bit about the project

Inspired by past European Summers, I wanted to create a home that felt really authentic as if I had been transported back to a Mediterranean villa. 

Why did you choose to incorporate Tiles of Ezra?

I knew I wanted an authentic earthy terracotta tile for the bathroom floors to create a Mediterranean villa vibe. After searching for the perfect fit, I came across your handmade Saltillo Terracotta tiles. After seeing how unique and exquisite these tiles were in person, I then went on to purchase the Bejmat clay tiles for our curved kitchen island to bring more texture and earth tones to this space.

Get the look

Monica opted for a mix of Saltillo terracotta and moroccan unglazed zellige. Looking for your dream earthy tile? Explore our range of options here. 

Can you talk us through your personal design style/aesthetic?

A coastal and minimal style using plenty of natural and authentic textures and neutral tones.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Much of my inspiration is drawn from past travel experiences, in particular my love for European architecture after spending many years traveling Europe in my twenties.


Architect: Red Architects
Photographers: Olivia Pitcher and Alexandra Weddings
Rug: Bohzali
Stylist: Kirsten Reid 

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