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Our first feature of the year was always destined to be a goodie. It's one of those interiors that warms your heart and quite simply, makes you feel content and at ease. Easy like a Sunday Mornin'. We are so thrilled to share with you the Bowman Farmhouse.
We sat down with Maddison Callinan to find out all the deets of this renovation.

This one has been on our radar for a while, we are so thrilled to see the finished product! Tell us a little bit about the project...

The Bowman Farmhouse was a renovation of a 1940’s farmhouse, located on the family’s dairy farm in Gloucester N.S.W. We wanted to create a home that we could start a family in and create new memories in whilst remembering our family who the home originally belonged to.

The build was a labour of love for all involved. We are so lucky to have had a team that trusted our vision, and that we could trust to execute it down to the finest detail. A majority of those who worked on our home are some of our best of friends, so the entire project was a dream come true and really fun.  

Tom & myself came up with the initial concept and design for The Bowman Farmhouse, it was then brought to life by Jacobs Building, along with some other great suppliers such as Dream Tiling & Stone, and SBP plumbing. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing team and are so grateful for all of their hard work.

From the beginning of the project we wanted to make sure we payed homage to the space by respecting and restoring certain elements that made the home unique such as it’s original doors, and some gorgeous exposed brick we have incorporated into our kitchen island. You can really feel the character throughout the home, and that’s exactly what we wanted as it was originally Tom’s grandparents home.

We have kept the original footprint, but have opened up multiple spaces to let more natural light into the home and accommodate a modern day lifestyle. There were a lot of small rooms and that’s just not how people live these days, it’s a lot more social and inclusive. We love to entertain so a big open kitchen and dining was a non negotiable! 

Why did you choose Tilesofezra?

Tiles of Ezra is a style leader in the design industry, so as soon as we began to storyboard the initial concept I knew they had to be included somewhere. We decided to use them in the kitchen to help achieve the refined yet effortless country house feel we were going for. 

The handcrafted Zellige tile was an easy choice for us as it has a beautiful texture and comes in such a versatile range of colours. We chose to go with the ‘dust’ colour as it is subtle yet warm and makes the green of the hinterland through the windows really pop.

How would you describe your Tilesofezra tiles in one word?


Maddi and Tom opted for our EZR1010 in Dust.

How was your experience dealing with Tilesofezra? 

Our experience with Tiles of Ezra was seamless from beginning to end. From the initial contact, through to the ordering process along with a prompt delivery with no breakages was enough for us to highly recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful product! 

Photography: Lulu, Aesthete Collective (Check out Lulu's amazing work here
Stylist: Tasha, Monsoon Living 
Location: Maddi, The Bowman Farmhouse

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