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We are incredibly proud to be profiling the timeless work of our sister company, Studio Ezra. Designed by Tilesofezra founder and director, Georgia, this tasteful Balwyn home marries simplicity with texture. It’s gorgeous, and grand and today we are sharing it with you. 


Tell us a little bit about the project

The home to a young, professional couple, this Balwyn house needed to become their retreat. Short on time, it needed to evoke an immediate sense of calm. Their home is now a clean, textural, contemporary abode for them to switch off in with ease.


What type of look were you going for?

We went for a calm earthy meets modern retreat. The home was a new build with awkward angles and layout, so we introduced varying materials and finishes on particular surfaces to dramatise certain areas and make those awkward zones features of the home. 


 What's your favourite design detail of the house?

It’s hard to pick only one! I love how the handmade, cement tiles on the floor wrap up the wall of the powder room. I also really enjoyed using the same cement hexagon tiles in varying tones throughout the home. I am also really drawn to the timber details, particularly the way in which the kitchen floor meets the timber and the timber ceiling details.

Why did you opt for handmade tiles in a modern space?

 The home needed muted and handmade tones and finishes to contrast the large modern areas. Handmade tiles are in interesting and effective way to bring character and warmth to a modern space, without compromising on that luxurious, sleek factor.

Get the look

Recreate this forever timeless look with our cement instock basics.

We're particularly loving the shape and tone of this spearmint brick.


 C R E D I T S

Interior Design - Studio Ezra
Photography - Amelia Stanwix
Builders - Prava Developments




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