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Colour has the power to evoke a plethora of emotions. It draws energy, life and excitement into any space so when our clients decide to use colour (and use it well,) it truly is so gratifying. When it came time to renovate her own home, Brisbane Interior Designer Maree Woodley embraced colour and a myriad of different styles to create a truly glorious and majestic space.

 We sat down with Maree to chat about her own home project. 

It's always exciting to see what interior designers get up to and come up with when designing their own homes. Tell us a bit about the project and what you had in mind for your powder room?

The project was a full refurbishment of a Brisbane Ascot, Queenslander Home. This was a dream come true! I wanted this powder room to be colourful, fun & luxurious for visitors. A powder room is somewhere you can express your individual tastes... I call it my international bathroom - it brings together a world of colour and pattern, Australian, German, Spanish, Italian, Moroccan, USA & French elements to create a really inspiring, individual space.

We love your international bathroom! Can you share your secrets as to where you sourced such interesting pieces from?

Your moroccan tiles were soured from Elite Tiles & Bathware and tiling by Korpac tiling Brisbane. I opted for a handmade, emerald green, Spanish ceramic basin. The Gold mirror is a 19th century French Antique from Magnolia Interiors. The wallpaper is by Anna Spiro and the sconce is from Noosa Discovery. 

 There are so many elements of this space that the Tilesofezra team adore, but our fave has got to be (Completely unbiased opinion by the way!) how the mosaics reference the colours and styles disbursed around the space. They have the fortuitous ability to tie everything n this bright, layered bathroom together.

Why did you choose Tilesofezra?

I love the story behind the handmade mosaics; I love that you are supporting craftsman and artisans around the world, helping to break the cycle of poverty by supporting local communities. I also love that you can create your own patterns and you have an extensive colour range to choose from, although this is a very specialised area for design. I love that I was able to find the wallpaper and tiles to complement each other in pattern and colour.

One word to describe the Tilesofezra product:

Ingenious, vibrant, sculpture  

What was your experience dealing with Tilesofezra like?

These were supplied through Elite Bathware & Tiles Brisbane. They were really fun to work with and had a lot of knowledge of your product so they were able to guide me through while choosing. 

The mosaic Maree opted for is our EZR0206PS, which is completely colour customisable in any colours you wish.
You can check out more of Maree's work here.
Photographs supplied by Korpac Tiling and John Downes photographer.

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