Profiled | The Hacienda-inspired kitchen of Rachel & Daniel Mrocki

At Tiles of Ezra, our aim is to be able to enable our clients in creating experiential and timeless interiors; interiors that don't follow trends but rather follow the unique style and hearts of their owners. So, it's no wonder that when saw the kitchen of Rachel & Daniel Mrocki, we smiled just a little bit bigger.

Drawing influence from signature Santa Barbara style, this Melbourne home is a unique take on Spanish design featuring explosive pops of colour and creativity. Think hacienda meets country ranch aesthetic; it's truly beautiful and today we are sharing it with you. 

Tell us about your Kitchen

Daniel and I had a vision in mind and had the help of Moda kitchens to bring it to life. We wanted a hacienda meets country kitchen. We were adamant on bringing in colour and it was important to us that the kitchen would be a room where we could socialise. The kitchen which was completely redone whilst with the rest of the home, we only made surface changes and no structural makeovers.
The house has a hacienda Spanish feel because we love the Spanish mission style homes found across Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. It was important for us to incorporate this aesthetic into the kitchen design as we didn't want the space to be a modern, white space. We knew we wanted colour and character. 

Why did you choose Tiles of Ezra?

I was hoping for a green coloured tile and had seen pictures of your Moroccan zellige tiles on your website and plastered all over social media. It was when I received a sample of the tile that I instantly fell in love. It was the perfect colour - a muted green, not too light or dark - earthy and inviting. 

How would you describe your tiles in one word?


Love the look?

The star of the show is our Avocado EZR1010. 

Alway's wanted to bring in some colour but not quite sure how to make it work? Hit us up with your questions in the comments below!


Photography: Zoso Studio

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