Profiled | Alana Cooke's: The Courthouse

Preserving a slice of Melbourne

One of the oldest establishments in Melbourne, The Courthouse Hotel, has been beautifully restored through the combined efforts of architect, Alana Cooke and builder, Blueprint commercial.

Design Details

The Courthouse Hotel has been perfectly designed to create a cozy and comfortable environment. We love how different brown hues have been used together to create an intriguing and dynamic space. The dark tones of our EZR1010 Chocolate Zellige tiles are balanced beautifully by the lighter timbers.

One for the ages

Not only is this design beautiful, but it is made even more special by the personal connection some of the team have to it. Co-owner Ryan Moses talks about how some of them used to eat at “The Courthouse in the mid-noughties” and how important it was to “recapture some of the essence of what made it special.”

The Process

Through a painstakingly careful process, Alana Cooke and Blueprint Commercial restored features such as the original wooden panelling, floorboards, and art deco finishes. It took the team almost twelve months to complete, but we think it was absolutely worth it.

Architect Alana Cooke
Photos are by Emily Weaving
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