Profiled | Traditional Coastal Meets Spanish Revival

Rancho Sante Fe Collaboration

Located in sunny Rancho Santa Fe, California, Elizabeth Louise Interiors with the help of GG Tile & Design, created a resort style home within the existing Spanish architecture. With a vision to create an east coast meets west coast style of design, fun interchanging colors and shapes throughout the property helped define spaces and bring a cohesive look. Coastal colors along with deep green as an accent were used to compliment a fresh green golf course the space overlooks.

The Resort Feel

Elizabeth Louise Interiors Studio utilised Tilesofezra’s extensive Zellige Colour Collection to integrate a range of greens & blues into their border design. Elizabeth Louise Interior's use of EZRBRD2102 border adds a vibrant pop of colour that draws your eye around the expansive outdoor retreat, following a theme of Moroccan tiles as you travel through the unique space. Adding to the resort vibe is an outdoor shower and jacuzzi adorned in EZR0192 mosaic in Snow & Blue Grass continuing the coastal feel.

The Story Behind It

With the homes completion in the summer of 2023, the family wanted amenities and a space that embodies entertainment and relaxation. The family loved certain elements of the original home and wanted notes of it in the new design. This inspired Elizabeth Louise Interiors to place niches around the property, some being built into the side of the home giving character to specific spaces and artwork through our tiles.

Tiles used were ordered through GG Tile & Design, then designed in San Diego. With over 51 U.S Distributors, find one today that can help bring your design dream to life.


Interior Architecture & Styling: Elizabeth Louise Interiors
Retailer: GG Tile & Design
Installation: Munsch Homes
Tiles: Tilesofezra


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