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With a view overlooking the scenic South Yarra skyline, UPG yoga and pilates studio (designed by our sister company Studio Ezra) is truly a sanctuary in the city.

UPG is the epitome of why natural is better. The space is simple; using a myriad of textures as the means of bringing character and warmth to the studio.

Truly a sunlit oasis; we feel so proud that our cement encaustic tiles made the cut and were chosen to be a part of the unique space.



Each tile is handmade and dries slightly different from the next. The cement range has a soft sophistication and elegance that can add a bit of drama to any space. The tiles can be used for both indoor and outdoor flooring, in kitchens, bathrooms and on walls. Not to mention these tiles are colour customizable. A cost-effective and beautiful choice for many spaces!

Want to explore the range? Peruse our tiles here.


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