One Shade Isn’t Enough So Here’s SIX Brand New Zellige Colours

Here at Tilesofezra we never do anything in half measures, so for this product launch we decided to bring an entire SIX new shades in. After carefully listening to our clients, we travelled to Morocco to craft and mix these exclusive shades, which we are now so excited to share with the world. Working with generational artisans is so incredibly rewarding and  this is the rich history you too will carry into your home when using our Moroccan Zellige. After careful consideration our director, Georgia Ezra crafted Melocoton, Oliva, Stratus, Sal, Chameleon and Oat to join our gorgeous range.


Spanish for peach and reminiscent of Mediterranean summers, Melocoton is too cute not fall in love with instantly. Chantel, our Sales Manager, says “a lot of people are really loving peach tones in their interior at the moment, so we knew it was important to have a tile that matches this need.” A bold colour like this can be daunting when committing to a life-long purchase, but peach shades are actually incredibly versatile. Depending on the colours you choose to pair with Melocoton, you can embrace the romance, elevate the elegance, or balance it out with contrasting colours.

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Most of our green Zellige tiles lean towards a blue undertone, so we knew it was vital to bring in a green that was more yellow and brown toned. Sometimes a space needs something darker to bring in drama and intrigue, which is what Oliva was created for. Moody, captivating and utterly divine, Oliva is a great permanent guest to have in your home 😉. The wonderful thing about the shade green is that it brings colour into your space without being jarring or overwhelming. It also doesn’t limit you with further colour choices, as there are so many hues that pair beautifully with it. Just like its name (which is Spanish for Olive) Oliva can complement a smorgasbord of styles, from earthy and organic, to moody or even clean and contemporary.

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Coming up with the names for each new product or colour we bring out is always so much fun to do.  Stratus went through many iterations as we searched for the perfect name to capture this beautiful tile. We threw out names like Daisy, Frost, Lily, Milk and finally paused at ‘Cloud’. Emily, our National Manager, excitedly blurted out “Stratus! It’s the flattest cloud” Now I didn’t know anything about types of clouds, and in case you don’t either, Stratus is the lowest hanging cloud, that is a uniform colour, sometimes grey, but typically a bright white. The perfect name for a tile that is a pure, stunning white. Stratus is similar to our Snow Zellige tile, but doesn’t have the same pink undertones, and the glaze is less opaque. Stratus also has greater consistency across the board, but still maintains that beautiful handmade style. Stratus is still up in the sky and hasn’t fully landed yet but place your pre-order here.


We created Chameleon, a soft grey with green undertones that is instantly calming - walk into a room with this tile and you can’t help but feel relaxed. We have received feedback that this colour takes on its surroundings - hence the name it so well deserves. Put it against our tile Latte and you see it as Latte’s cousin, hold it against blue tones and instantly you see more green hues coming out. An absolutely magical tile that delights everyone. Chameleon hasn’t landed and still hiding for the time being but place your pre-order here. 


Another Spanish name (can you tell we love Spain?) with Sal translating to salt – think pink Himalayan salt. We know not everyone is going to want the boldness of Melocoton, so we created a softer version for those still wanting a peach tone.

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Neutrals will forever be an essential staple in interior design, but sometimes it can be trickier finding that perfect neutral shade than going with a bold colour. Insert Oat, a beautiful "warm white" with a beige undertone that adds dimension and interest, and can be paired with absolutely any other colour. Oat has an organic earthy look to it that brings in a really beautiful cosy atmosphere into any space. Oat is still growing and hasn’t fully ripened yet, but place your pre-order here.

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