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We spoke with Ellie Dichler from Studio ED about the stunning renovation she did for a Victorian House in South West London. We love how she maintains a beautiful Victorian element to the space whilst adding a modern touch.

Balancing Eras
Reclaiming elements from the 1800s and drawing from current style, Ellie Dichler creates a harmonious push and pull between the two eras. She elevates the traditional feel of the space with classic bronze hardware on the cabinetry. Whereas the gleaming whites and overall neutral colour palette make the space more contemporary. The bathroom flooring is reminiscent of a palace, and the gold framing of the mirror subtly speaks to the typical ornate mirrors of the Victorian style. Essentially, the finer elements reflect Victorian sensibilities, but when you look at the house as a whole, the minimal and paired back design gives it that modern look.

Here's what Ellie Dichler had to say about it…

Tell Us a Little About the Project
It was a residential project of a Victorian House in South West London. The client wanted their whole house refurbished so we renovated every bathroom and the kitchen. The clients were a dream and we had lots of fun designing the spaces.

 A sneak peek at what the kitchen looked like before...

What Did You Like About Tiles of Ezra’s Products?
I loved the tiles due to their imperfections and the fact that every single tile is a different colour. It creates an aged look which we love, we didn’t want a regular machine-made tile. It’s truly timeless.

Get The Look
Our EZR1010 Dust Zellige tiles is the perfect fit for a neutral colour palette as it still adds depth, movement and a dynamic energy to a space.

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Designer | Ellie Dichler @studio.ed_
Photographer | Veronica Rodriguez @vr_interior_photography

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