What Our Interior Designers Are Excited to See in 2023

With a new year barrelling through the doors, we took a moment to ask our team of qualified interior designers what they are looking forward to seeing in 2023.

Left to right: Emily, Chantel, Tarsh 

Goodbye Grey, Hello Colour

Although there is a beauty in the simplicity of minimalism, in the new year Emily anticipates a change coming. The days of paring back décor, monochromatic colour palettes and utility taking the forefront, are gone. Instead, maximalism is making its stake in the game, arriving in a flair of bold colours and a riot of shades. Emily couldn’t be more excited. Hues like fiery red, dark blue and grass green are taking front stage – either in small splashes or daringly dominating a space. Bright colours are a simple way to create eye-catching spaces that brighten the mood of anyone that steps into it. Don’t be afraid to be striking in 2023.

Details, details, details

Chantel eagerly awaits a year filled with a variety of materials, layers, and unique variations. She predicts depth and detail becoming the forefront of a home, where different elements can play off one another, building an intricate story. Being environmentally conscious is on most people’s minds coming into 2023. From this, it’s likely there will be a resurgence of handcrafted designs using skilled trades and artists that operate in sustainable manners. Chantel predicts the return of the skilled tradie. A year where homeowners find new appreciation for bespoke architectural elements; hand moulded and laboured over by skilled craftsman creating custom made pieces and finishes that tell a story of uniqueness and value. There are so many elements involved in interior design, but instead of getting overwhelmed, consider it a complex puzzle with each piece being handpicked by yourself.  You get to decide what story you want your home to tell.

Unusual Combinations  

Although there will always be popularity amongst selecting a single hue, Tarsh proposes a rise in patterns and interesting texture combinations. This can look like selecting a piece that has ingrained patterns, such as a floral vase, or creating a design from multiple pieces. Tarsh loves the comeback of soft furnishings, where traditionally hard furnishings are used, such as material over cupboard doors. The only limitations with interior design are the ones you place upon yourself.


We are so excited to see how you will choose to design your space in 2023.



First Install: Designed by Studio Ezra

Photographed by Amelia Stanwix

Second Install: Designed by Dave and Jenny Marrs

Photographed by Mike Davello

Third Install: Designed by Tamsin Johnson 

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