Product Launch | Sand and Earth

Starting off the year with a big splash, we are diving right into another year of authentic, unique, and experiential homes. What better way to do that then with two brand new colours in our beloved Tierra Range.

Introducing Sand and Earth…

50 Shades of Clay

We created Sand and Earth to bring the beauty of earth and a sense of warmth to your interiors. Although new, these tiles continue to preserve ancient traditions from our community in Vietnam. These unglazed clay tiles can be styled together in a number of ways, or kept separate to let their unique variations shine through. Lovingly handcrafted, each tile is a work of art. Limited stock is already available, get in touch with our team today at 1300 050 525.

Delicate Sand

The pale golden hues invoke the peace of endless beaches and days spent under the sun. This tile would look beautiful anywhere but can really enhance rustic coastal or farmhouse style houses.

 Deep Earth

The warm terracotta undertones instil a sense of contentment you can find in the Australian desert’s exquisite beauty. Mexican and Industrial styles compliment Earth beautifully, but again, this is a tile that suits any space.

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