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This renovation isn’t like any other: Interior architect Georgia Ezra and homeowner Emma Stein don’t even live in the same states - and yet they still produced magic.

Emma first came to Georgia to use and buy high quality Zellige from Tilesofezra in her home, and from that was born a beautiful relationship of interior designer and home owner. Together, they took a dull, tired property and transformed it into an experiential moving home that deeply connects to Emma’s beautiful life. Out of Melbourne, Victoria, Georgia guides Emma through re-making her house located southwest of Sydney, NSW. You may be wondering, how does one style a house that you have never stepped into?

              By developing a method that harnesses modern technology and the trust between them: “I would send materials to Emma, then we’d have video meetings with the swatches and samples in front of us,” says Georgia.


 Over in Melbourne, Georgia would be busy designing custom joinery and bathroom plans and selecting paint colours, wallpapers, fixtures and furnishings. Meanwhile, Emma would check how these looked in situ and report back to Georgia. This strategy wasn’t without its struggles - “Not being able to see the colours in the space was the biggest challenge for me,” says Georgia. But looking at the end result you would never think that Georgia wasn’t right there alongside Emma, crafting a home of wonder.

Most renovations do away with the old, but in this instance it was important to keep all the treasures of Emma’s life – and such a rich life that is. Emma has collected a multitude of gorgeous items, from hundreds of books to beloved furniture and artwork. Georgia couldn’t be happier helping Emma have a home “that really reflected her as a person, her history, her travels”. She did this through reupholstering antiques, carefully positioning collected classics and then layering it with contemporary pieces.
Georgia emphasises that “a house should tell a story and provide depth and layers.”

At Tiles of Ezra we believe in telling stories through our products, where the handmade nature of each tile contains beautiful energy and depth, a feeling that feeds out into the home and felt by the end user. Featured here is our EZR1505 a 5x5cm zellige mosaic in the shade Dust which adds dimension and texture to a paired back bathroom. The natural tonal variation is the perfect fit for a layered home, which is filled to the brim with many exciting tales.


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