Product Launch | Moroccan Limestone

Versatile. Timeless. Authentic.

We’d like to introduce you to our brand-new Moroccan Limestone.

This product comes in three different shades; Atlas, Sahara, and Meknes, as well as a range of shape and size variations. To craft an experiential interior, each piece should contribute to an overall story and energy. Which is why the name of each shade ties directly to Morocco.

This is the story of our Moroccan Limestone.


The Atlas Mountains is a mountain range that span across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The soft grey tones and faint white etchings emulate the appearance of this stunning mountain range. But more than aesthetics, we wanted to capture that serenity as you should feel at peace within your home.


Although only bordering part of Morocco, we were inspired by the rugged beauty of the world’s largest hot desert in the world. We emulated this exquisite wonder in the rugged pockmarked surface of this tile.


Meknes is a beautiful city located in northern central Morocco that is known for its ancient worldly architect. We strived to re-create that awe inspiring feeling you get when you are confronted with something much bigger and older than you are. You should always feel wonder at the space you created. The grey intermixed with the beige creates a distinctive pattern, with the natural variation truly create a striking finished look.

Fit Your Aesthetic

There’s no need to compromise on your specific design vision with each shade coming in a multitude of shape and size options. From small sizes such as our 5x5cm diamond, to larger sizes such as our 30x60cm rectangles, your choices are endless.

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