Sweet as Chocolate

Mörk Chocolate

As you look through the gold framed windows it’s like you are peeking into another world, one of wonder and delight.


Mörk Chocolate is all those things and more, founded by Kiril and Josefin – husband and wife, we couldn’t be more excited about their brand-new opening in Queen Victoria Market. The couple had their eye on the previous old cake shop that resided there for quite some time and dreamed of restoring it to its full glory. They brought in talented interior architect Daniella Oerman, to create an authentic heritage feel and genuine retail experience, and Tilesofezra is so honoured to have our tiles be part of that vision.

Cozy and Magical

The design isn’t the only thing that has us drooling – just take a look at those s’mores! Daniella Oerman did a fantastic job of creating a space that not only looks beautiful, but replicates the way a sip of hot chocolate feels on a winter day, or that first bite of twice baked chocolate cake. Because when it comes to design, it’s about more than just how a place looks, but how it feels. The rich warm tones, pops of colours and clean lines all work together to create a cozy and magical space. Talk to one of our qualified interior designers to find out how you can create this same effect in your interior.

New Spin on a Classic

We love the unique twist on a classic checkerboard pattern, combining three different colours from our Zellige range. The deep tones of EZR1010 Rust, softened by the EZR1010 Moroccan Pink and EZR1010 Dust, creates a fun and captivating effect. The swoon-worthy colour palette is so cohesive that even Mörk Chocolate’s packaging fits in seamlessly! Those are actually the original marble counters you see there, with Danielle incorporating solid walnut wood and brass features to create a seamless look across the heritage of the market. The gorgeous finer details of the install, such as the illuminated signage and menu board is thanks to Pretty Polly Designs, whose custom creations really is the cherry on top.
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The Story Behind It

The utterly scrumptious hot chocolate you see below is where it all began, Kiril and Josefin first perfected the campfire hot chocolate – a drink that invokes nostalgia through wood fire smoke, torched marshmallow, charcoal salt, and pure dark chocolate. Then they moved onto crafting sweet treats such as cinnamon buns and cake, using the chocolate they make from bean to bar. Just like the Swedish Kolasnitt biscuit recipe, the art of making Zellige tiles has been handed down through generations. Some other decadent desserts include twice baked chocolate cake, Yuzu & pistachio bundt cake and Caramelised hazelnut cake – don’t mind us visiting daily to work our way through the entire menu. This was a dream they waited ten years for, to be housed in the iconic and heritage rich Dairy Produce Hall in the Queen Victoria Market and we are so happy for the whole Mörk team.

Now you may not be able to eat our Zellige tiles but if you’d like to see it in person, come visit our showroom or order a sample.

Designer Daniella Oerman
Photos are by Kristoffer Paulsen
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